The Conditions for a European Renaissance


Following two decades of Westernization after 1989, the western and central parts of Europe began to drift apart and then to diverge, not without historical precedent.

The Vanity of Human Wishes


Boomers are commonly seen by more recent generations in a colder world as having lived lives of
perpetual indulgence—pampered as children by fond parents home from the war, indulged as rebellious students by liberal professors who praised them as ‘the most idealistic generation in history’, enabled to live a hippie lifestyle as employees, thanks to a tight US labour market in a world hungry for US goods.

Will Tradition Deliver Us from Our Anxiety?

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Unlike the loud and bloody scandal of twentieth-century totalitarian ideologies, today the respect for tradition, continuity, and constancy is vanishing silently, while often attacked and put into the same box with dangerous, truly radical ideas.