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From 2010 the Hungarian government changed the previous approach to taxation entirely. This meant a significant reduction in taxes on labour, leaving more money for employers and employees, a huge
Pete Gogolak, a Hungarian immigrant, changed the way placekickers take field goal attempts in the NFL—his ‘soccer-style’ method is still used in the league today. He is celebrating his 82nd
Just a few weeks ago, Liverpool was the favourite to win the Premier League with eight games to go and a two-point lead. However, things have changed a lot for
The website of the American cable news channel CNN listed the 18 best metro systems in the world. Among them was Budapest’s historic Metro Line 1, opened in 1896.
Organized in celebration of Earth Day, the three-day festival offers a rich programme of activities and experiences related to environmental and nature conservation.
‘The liberal aspirations of the 21st century include the destruction of human autonomy and freedom, and making people as dependent as possible on the state and other circles of power
We have moved from our absolute fertility low in 2011, last in the EU, to sixth in 2022, with the highest growth in 2022. According to the latest Eurostat data,
Among the twenty winners of this year’s New European Bauhaus Prizes the Hungarian project titled Cooperative Ownership of Communities won the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars prize in the ‘Regaining
The unique exhibition presents the memory of witnesses, with most of the works created between 1944 and 1947.
Gábor Deutsch, the staunchly anti-communist Chief Rabbi of Devecser, wrote a study on Judaism and Bolshevism published in 1937 in which his aim was ‘to prove, point by point, that