Count Pál Teleki, Geographer

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Pál Teleki, famous Hungarian politician and geographer, believed that the preservation of the Carpathian Basin as an undivided hydrographical unit could serve as a compelling argument of natural geography against splitting up the region politically.

Orbán as the Emblem of Regime Change


‘Even though the liberal mindset continues to define the mainstream, credit is due to the government for its achievements in keeping this trend at bay’

With Common Sense and Compassion


The most persecuted religion of the world is Christianity. The Hungarian government was the first in the world to establish a special administrative organ, the State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians, and it launched the Hungary Helps Program in 2017.

Forgotten Origins of Christian Democracy

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The fact that Christian socialist and Christian democratic tendencies simultaneously appeared
in the nascent political Catholicism is another similarity between the Hungarian and the European scenes.

The Myth of the Secular State

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Does the model of the ‘secular’ state—that is, a state devoid of any religious foundations, as presumed by the narrative of separation—exist at all, or is only a myth of the modern era?

The End of Christianity


Christendom has fought for two centuries not to die, and in that consists its moving and heroic agony.