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Tamás Orbán

Tamás Orbán, columnist and political analyst, currently working as a senior research fellow at the Budapest-based think tank, the Danube Institute. He graduated in contemporary history and international relations from Babeş–Bolyai University in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca, Romania). His main areas of interest are American domestic affairs and geopolitics.
A scientist used mathematics to calculate the odds of global nuclear war. While the numbers paint a grim picture of the future, the assumptions they are based on are hypothetical.
War is as much about controlling information as controlling the battlefield. We may never learn who the culprit is behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, but it is
At the three-country summit hosted by Budapest on Monday all parties agreed that illegal migration can only be countered by working together for the protection of all of Europe.
Brazil is facing presidential elections on Sunday. The outcome of the clash of the titans, Bolsonaro and Lula, who seem to be complete political opposites, will have a huge impact
Giorgia Meloni’s stunning victory was branded as the ‘return of fascism’ by pundits across Europe. While FdI’s connection with historical fascism is a complicated issue, calling the party fascist today
The EC president would punish voters should the left not win the election in Italy this Sunday. How utterly democratic of her.
Too many people today feel that their lives lack meaning. Yet historical generations rarely struggled with such existential questions, otherwise we would not even be here. How does the current
Toxic masculinity is not the problem that’s plaguing the West—it is the lack of masculinity. Having recognised this crisis, a Hungarian movement is dedicated to restoring the dignity and purpose
As the European Commission threatens Hungary with withholding billions of EU funds, Ursula von der Leyen’s own corruption scandal around the controversial Pfizer deal is growing. Double standards seem to
When we think of the scale of suffering the war in Ukraine has been causing worldwide, it is hard to believe that Kyiv all but finalised a peace agreement with