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Tamás Orbán

Tamás Orbán, columnist and political analyst, currently working as a senior research fellow at the Budapest-based think tank, the Danube Institute. He graduated in contemporary history and international relations from Babeş–Bolyai University in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca, Romania). His main areas of interest are American domestic affairs and geopolitics.
The EU Commission is considering sanctioning Turkey over its unwillingness to cut economic and political ties with Russia. But Ankara has one card up its sleeve that Brussels either forgets
Despite all the threats made by Beijing, Pelosi landed in Taipei unscathed. However, the fact that the Red Dragon has not struck (yet), does not mean it takes humiliation lightly.
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A recent poll published by Nézőpont Institute revealed glaring differences between Central Europeans’ satisfaction with their governments. Disproving overwhelmingly negative Western press reports, Hungarians are the happiest with their government
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With worrisome news circulating about the health of Pope Francis, many foresee the election of the first Hungarian pope in history, which could mean an important turning point for the
A recent poll conducted by MCC has finally shattered Western media portrayal of Hungarians as narrow-minded, prejudiced xenophobes.