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Tamás Orbán

Tamás Orbán, columnist and political analyst, currently working as a senior research fellow at the Budapest-based think tank, the Danube Institute. He graduated in contemporary history and international relations from Babeş–Bolyai University in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca, Romania). His main areas of interest are American domestic affairs and geopolitics.
A large Prague demonstration this past Saturday sent a clear message to policymakers that the Czech people are fed up with the mistaken Russian sanctions and their devastating impact on
The fact that computer-generated digital art can defeat the works of humans at art competitions is a testimony to the long-suspected belief, that traditional artists are on the verge of
The naive idealism of Fukuyama is the past, while Huntington’s clash of civilisations has not materialised yet. Instead, we are heading towards a multipolar world of isolation, instability and warfare,
As the current financial, energy and food crises are destabilizing governments around the Middle East, will terrorist organizations grow bolder and more ‘apocalyptic’ in their approach, posing new terror threats
As Canada’s environmental policies grow increasingly more intrusive, a recent leak shed light on how Trudeau’s government plans to enforce them in the future. The recipe for a climate friendly
The struggle between a rising China and a hegemonic United States poses the genuine risk of another world war; historical precedence tells us that such conflicts rarely end without bloodshed.
The Hungarian Defence Forces have received the first of the famed German artillery units that are wreaking havoc on the Russian troops in Ukraine. State-of-the-art weaponry is essential to both
As the UK’s largest gender clinic is being forced to shut down while it faces a giant class-action lawsuit on behalf of angry parents, the very future of medically assisted
The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced most NATO members to reckon with the poor shape of their military and left them searching for quick fixes. Countless procurement programmes have been
The most recent OECD report paints a grim picture of the European economies’ imminent prospects, but thanks to the government’s strategic crisis management, Hungary is set to outperform all of