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Trudeau’s Climate Dictatorship in the Making 

As Canada’s environmental policies grow increasingly more intrusive, a recent leak shed light on how Trudeau’s government plans to enforce them in the future. The recipe for a climate friendly nation? Armouries, black rooms and state-sponsored terror.

It is no secret that Justin Trudeau – the world’s perhaps most liberal prime minister – is becoming more and more aggressive towards anyone and anything that dares to stand between him and his woke, leftist utopia. The left loves to flamboyantly celebrate tolerance of any and all differences, yet this noble sentiment rarely extends to opinions that diverge from mainstream thinking. Canada seems to be reaching new peaks of this liberal hypocrisy every month. The rule of the woke there is no longer maintained only by the gatekeepers of academia, media and celebrity culture – as well as by a handful of loud politicians – but it is literally enforced by the state. You don’t support your underage child’s medical gender transition? The state will take them away from you and you’re lucky if you don’t have to go to jail. You decide to protest the government’s ridiculously overreaching lockdown and vaccination policies? Your bank account gets frozen, you’re labelled a terrorist and can expect a visit from national security agents.

Now, it seems, climate is next on Trudeau’s agenda. After all, it is not enough that the state gradually disincentivises all use of fossil fuels and traditional energy consumption by big and small businesses and households alike. Because even if diesel and petrol will slowly become financially unviable for most, some people will eventually find a way around the problem. Just like in the case of any new climate regulations that might come in the next months and years. And new regulations will be coming, otherwise Canada would have no reason to enforce them in the strictest possible way. And that is precisely what Trudeau plans to do, as revealed by a recent leak. It appears that the Canadian government is building a literal army to make its citizens comply with the rules of the ‘new green world’.

According to the leaked documents, the governmental department of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is facing a major upgrade with a brand new facility at its disposal to be built in Winnipeg, which will house a firearms armoury, interrogation rooms, ‘black’ and ‘controlled quiet rooms’, biological labs, intelligence centres and media relations offices (a fancy name for propaganda centres). The leaked plans reveal that the facility will have over 50 thousand square feet (or over 4600 square metres) of useful place to house hundreds of ECCC staff, including some units of the constantly recruited ‘Environmental Pollution Officers’, to be set up under the ECCC’s federal Environmental Enforcement Directorate (EED). At first glance the layouts look like plans of an extension of Guantanamo Bay prison complex, and not a peaceful ministry that tries to save the poor turtles.

The leaked document showing the planned firearms storage room. PHOTO: The Counter Signal

But what exactly is Trudeau trying to enforce anyway? Also, does he even have the constitutional right to use federal agents to forcefully check if small business owners comply with his ridiculous emission caps? Turns out, he does. During the final days of Trudeau’s majority government, they quietly passed the so-called Impact Assessment Act (IAA) as an initiative to measure the future consequences of high greenhouse gas emissions, and – unsurprisingly enough – to grant sweeping powers to the EED in terms of tackling these challenges. For instance, the IAA grants power to environmental agents to enter any private premises without a warrant, to ‘verify compliance or prevent non-compliance’ with climate regulations. They can take soil and air samples, photographs, access computers and communication systems, and check the emission levels of any vehicle or machinery on said premises, regardless of whether they were last used two weeks or two decades before. 

And that is precisely why the headquarters of Trudeau’s growing climate army – complete with its armouries, interrogation rooms and intelligence facilities – will be built in the heartland of Canada’s agricultural production. The primary targets of the new climate enforcement officers will be Canadian farmers, most of whom operate only small family businesses, yet collectively provide about 70 per cent of the food supply consumed domestically. The federal government also announced a new policy of reducing the use of fertiliser on Canadian farms by a staggering 30 per cent, already drawing enormous backlash from the farmers and some provincial governments alike. This fertiliser cap could be the first to be enforced by the armed agency, but its highly unlikely that it will end there.

What is the real goal, one might wonder? Do we really need an army to save the planet because people are just too dumb and irresponsible to recognise their own responsibility without making them comply at gunpoint? Or maybe the farmers are just trying to make a living as best as they can – which, given the current fuel and fertiliser prices, is challenging even without regulations. Maybe it is not even about the planet at all, but power, wealth and the economic interests of the global elite. Killing off small businesses by making them bankrupt with high taxes, regulations and unaffordable production prices open the way for buying them and their land up by giant international corporations that will easily control all of our food supply. I repeat, just maybe. But given the fact that this is the tendency we see all over the western world (just think of the Dutch farmer protests this summer), it might not be too far-fetched.

In any case, even though what is happening in Canada seems like something straight out of a dystopia, make no mistake: it can and does happen, and could be happening elsewhere, too, in just a few years. Globalism is perhaps the new communism.  And climate is only one of its many facades, albeit a powerful one. But it is communism, nevertheless, complete with soldiers, guns, snitches and state-sponsored terror. ‘May it be painted yellow or green’, as wrote the Hungarian poet Sándor Kányádi, what is drawing near is still the old Red Tram we know all too well.

Edit: After the news broke about the leaked plans of the new facility, the Canadian government addressed the issue on Twitter, basically calling the story misinformation. However, the statement also confirmed the validity of the documents while failing to offer any insight on what purpose the firearms storage, intelligence or quiet rooms would serve. The thread, posted by Environment Canada, reads: ‘We are aware of some misleading reports on social media suggesting that we are creating a new enforcement function. This is false and the record needs to be set straight… The floor plans shared on social media are real, but the way the facility is being described is completely false.’

As Canada’s environmental policies grow increasingly more intrusive, a recent leak shed light on how Trudeau’s government plans to enforce them in the future. The recipe for a climate friendly nation? Armouries, black rooms and state-sponsored terror.