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Our readers’ top five and the editorial team’s top five articles of 2022 covered a wide range of topics, from political analyses and film reviews to the discussion of the
The Prime Minister stressed that in the middle of next week, after reaching 4 million vaccinatios, a wide range of services will open up to those who have an immunity certificate.
Hans Kluge expressed his appreciation for Hungary’s success in containing the epidemic.
The project is part of the so-called Great Green Wall program, which is helping more than 250 million people in desert areas in Africa.
In a statement on Wednesday, V4 foreign minister expressed their support of Czechia after Prague expelled Russian diplomats.
There is an increasing number of articles, statistics and statements that “put Hungary on the map”.
President János Áder and his wife, Anita Herczegh, are setting up a foundation to help children orphaned by the coronavirus, the President himself announced in a radio interview on Sunday.
Soldiers from all partner countries, including Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia will complete different tasks. The exercise is basically held in three countries – Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia.
Hungary is convinced that the beauty and elevation of the greatest game in the world is given by the fact that this sport belongs to everyone and cannot be expropriated
Internationally acknowledged Hungarian physicist passes away at 91.