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3,5 Million Vaccinated: Terraces Can Open on Saturday in Hungary by Dávid Nagy

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3,5 Million Vaccinated: Terraces Can Open on Saturday in Hungary

As vaccination reached 3,5 million in Hungary terraces can open on Saturday – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in his regular Friday interview on Kossuth Radio. Other changes have been notified as well.

The Prime Minister stressed that in the middle of next week, after reaching 4 million vaccinations, a wide range of services will open up to those who have an immunity certificate. Theatres, cinemas, museums, libraries, dance and music events, circuses, gyms and fitness rooms, ice rinks, zoos, spas and swimming pools, playhouses, sporting events, adventure parks, hotels and restaurants can also be opened in full inclusion, he listed. Since the terraces could be open until half past 10 in the evening, the curfew would start at 11 p.m. from Saturday.

He stressed that the country will be restarted step by step.

Viktor Orbán also noted that those between the age of 16 and 18 can be vaccinated with Pfizer, so the proper amount will be separated for them. Hungary has not yet undertaken to vaccinate those aged 12-16, as it requires further research, he added.

He said there is always a debate about the effectiveness of vaccines, but the relapse rate of those who have received just the first dose is one percent, so in that sense those who have received one shot can already be considered protected. Vaccination is still important, more than half of the adult population will be protected by the middle of next week, he said. He added: a new internet surface has been launched where vaccination appointments can be requested online.

According to Viktor Orbán, the voice of the anti-vaccinators is strong, including opposition parties. Yet all vaccines are equally effective, he said.

The PM also outlined that there is too many interest behind vaccines, e.g. those of pharmaceutical companies, but geopolitics has also been involved in the vaccine issue in Europe; politics has overridden the humanity aspect, even if it’s a life-or-death question. The lesson is that Hungary is doing well with vaccination because it followed its own strategy. He added: In Hungary, decisions are made on the basis of national interests only.

He said that the government’s 2021 budget amendment aimed at re-launching the economy and the 2022 budget will target the same. A huge housing renovation program was launched, businesses received hundreds of billions of forints, many initiatives have been started – he reminded.

Source: MTI

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