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International special operation exercise began in Hungary by Dávid Nagy

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International special operation exercise began in Hungary

One of the goals of the ‘Black Swan 2021’ exercise is that the regional special operations command – to be established in Szolnok – achieve the “initial operational capability” – emphasized Tamás Sándor, special operations observer of the Hungarian Defence Forces Command.

Soldiers from all partner countries, including Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia will complete different tasks. In addition, two sponsoring countries are also participating: Germany with trainers and the United States with trainers and an executive staff. The exercise is basically held in three countries – Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. 

Managing and synchronizing the tasks will be the duty of the Hungarian command, Tamás Sándor added. An international, Hungarian-led staff will be set up in Szolnok, and operations will be led from there. The Hungarian Defence Forces 2nd Special Operation Forces Brigade took the leading role in the implementation. 

A total of about 800 soldiers, more than 14 rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, other technical equipment of the brigade and U.S. ships are also involved in the exercises.

In addition to the Hungarian forces, special operation soldiers of the US Navy, land forces and special operation soldiers from Slovenia are also expected to perform tasks in several parts of Hungary, mainly in military areas, such as Várpalota, Ócsa, Tótvázsony, Kecskemét, Nyíregyháza and Kisvárda.

The colonel explained that during ‘Black Swan 2021’, Hungarian and American soldiers will also practice handling various river vehicles and related tactical procedures. One of the objectives of the training is to develop technical skills related to navigation and cooperation between ships and their crews, as well as to practice the combat process of special forces. A complex, multi-ship tactical movement is going to be performed several times with dry firing.

‘Black Swan 2021’ is part of the US-led ‘Trojan Footprint-South 2021’ and ‘Blue Sky’ exercises and also part of the ‘Defender Europe 2021’ exercise series.

Source: MTI