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In the second half of 2024 a regional power exchange known as the BlueSky Project is poised for launch, involving Hungary, Slovenia, and Serbia. Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and
The strengthening of the energy ties between the three neighbouring countries is set to enhance the efficiency and profitability of trading and reinforce Hungary’s energy sovereignty.
Both countries have cited the increased threat of terrorism as the reason for their new, stricter measures on border control.
Over this past weekend that saw the 20 August celebrations and the grand opening of the Budapest World Athletics Championships, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with the leaders of several
After days of relentless rain, leading to severe flooding and landslides caused by the downpour, emergency services were mobilised in multiple regions of Austria and Slovenia. Hungarian military aid is
Some EU member states are looking to abolish the veto power of smaller countries in the area of common foreign and security policies. They argue that this would speed up
The Hungarians in the crowd did not allow the protesters to ruin the unveiling, instead they started to loudly sing a Hungarian folk song and the national anthem of Hungary,
Soldiers from all partner countries, including Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia will complete different tasks. The exercise is basically held in three countries – Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia.