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What is also crucial to the strategy proposed by Balázs Orbán is the preservation of interconnectivity within the West. Strengthening the cornerstones of Western civilisation, rooted in Judeo-Christian values, is
According to Hungarian folk belief, those who receive the ashes on Ash Wednesday will be free from headaches for quite a while. In the olden days, there was even a
The story of the individual districts is a brief summary of the past centuries not only from the point of view of their names: if we look at them on
German journalist Mariam Lau finds it very difficult to deal with the fact that talented young people, open to modernity, are interested in Orbán’s policies. It is certainly not easy
The real danger is not posed by those who would like to embellish public opinion of themselves with bribes, but the external and internal powers that can easily dictate to
The size of the Ukrainian trident compares to the magnitude of the massive Mukachevo castle the same way decades of Ukrainian rule compare to the one-thousand-year-old Hungarian history in Transcarpathia.
Retirement generates an income loss in all countries. However, Hungarian employees suffer the smallest decline in living standards after retirement in the whole of Europe.
In a January article published in the Transcarpathian paper Magyar Szó, Ungvár (Uzhorod) Consul László Kuti spoke about 12 Hungarian soldiers having fallen—the Hungarian Foreign Ministry provides financial aid to
Constantin Schreiber’s novel is a work of fiction about Germany 30 years from now.
Exactly 200 years ago, on 1 January 1823, Sándor Petőfi, perhaps the most famous Hungarian poet, was born. To this day, he is such a dominant figure in Hungarian literature