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The conscious undermining of the Christian religion, which has been going on in the public discourse for many decades now, has reached its goal. Nothing is sacred anymore.
Although the war on the Ukrainian front is at a standstill at the moment, in the hinterland the West has won a brilliant victory in the heroic fight against Russian
‘What does the European Commission have to do with Hungarian education? In short, nothing. Education matters, both in terms of content and in terms of structure, are the responsibility of
‘We have to realize that no matter how smart and powerful we think we are, we will not get very far without the Almighty.’
‘Instead of political work, there is only aimless hatred and clinging to progressive Western interest groups on the Hungarian left.’
‘The Hungarian government has fulfilled its commitment: an agreement with Brussels has been reached, thus EU funds will be available to Hungary in 2023, and agriculture can also count on
‘The huge potential of the Hungarian defence industry can unfold at the best possible time, as one of the recurring themes of EU defence ministerial discussions is that stocks are
Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested a one-and-a-half-day truce in the Russo-Ukrainian war, but the Ukrainian leadership and their Western allies do not want any part of it, considering Moscow’s proposal
Ukrainians fire as much artillery ammunition in two days as US munitions factories produce in a month—and even so, they achieve only one-sixth or one-seventh the density of fire of
Without support from the mother country, the fate of small village churches would be sealed, since the local communities have no resources at their disposal to renovate them, and the