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PM: Hungary to be among the first three countries to have vanquished the pandemic by Tamás Orbán

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PM: Hungary to be among the first three countries to have vanquished the pandemic

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talked about the effectiveness of the Hungarian vaccination plan and the government’s strategies after the pandemic. ‘We will have more jobs after the pandemic than we had before’ – he pledged on Friday.

The PM told in his interview on Kossuth Rádió on Friday that close to 3.5 million people have already received their first vaccine doses, and over 1.3 million received both. The total number of people registered so far stands at over 4.2 million.

Regarding the issue of reopening schools, Orbán noted that parents who worry about their children’s safety and would like to continue home-schooling would only need to ask permission from their school principals. However, opening the schools is essential, and by now every teacher who had registered for the jab has been vaccinated.

The PM also said that the previously bought 500 thousand Johnsson and Johnsson vaccine doses will have to be replaced, mainly by Chinese Sinopharm, after most European authorities halted their administration for arising health concerns. Orbán said that the J&J vaccine will be thoroughly examined in Hungarian labs as well, as it happened in the case of the Russian and Chinese jabs before. On the other hand, the safety of Western vaccines were guaranteed by the European Union.

Furthermore, the PM slammed the left-wing parties’ ‘devastating’ parliamentary proposal to scrap the use of the Sinopharm vaccine altogether, saying if Hungary had not used the Chinese jab, it would have inoculated only half as many as it has so far. He added that the government now has to fight simultaneously the ‘power-hungry Left’ and the multinational companies’ hunger for profit which undermines public trust in the competition’s vaccines. But if the current vaccination plan can go on for the next six weeks, ‘Hungary will be among the first three countries in the world to have vanquished the pandemic.’

The economy can also restart soon, with the restaurant and café terraces opening once 3.5 million vaccinations have been reached. Orbán also noted that the 2022 budget will be the ‘budget of restarting the economy’, with both 2021 and 2022 budgets allocating 5 trillion forints (€13.9Bn) to that goal. The government will also stick to its promise to restore all jobs that have fallen victim to the pandemic, and even more. ‘We will have more jobs after the pandemic than we had before,’ PM Orbán pledged.

Source: Hungary Today

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