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Hungary to adopt joint NATO decision on withdrawal from Afghanistan by Lidia Papp

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Hungary to adopt joint NATO decision on withdrawal from Afghanistan

Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó said he agreed with the approach that the simultaneous entry of NATO troops into Afghanistan should be followed by their simultaneous withdrawal.

Szijjártó added, ‘NATO should pass a decision which guarantees that the efforts of the past twenty years do not go to waste’.

He said he wants guarantees that Afghanistan would not be a breeding ground of terrorism again after the withdrawal and that it would not immediately become a major emitter of migration. If Afghanistan falls back into a serious terrorist threat, hundreds of thousands or millions could leave the country, he added.

Afghanistan’s security is much more closely and directly linked to European security than we might think. Guarantees that the terrorist threat will not rise to the previous level and that waves of illegal migration will not start after the withdrawal from Afghanistan are also important for European NATO allies, he noted.

Until 2024, Hungary will maintain $500,000 a year in support of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces, contributing to Afghanistan’s internal stability.


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