On War as an Act of Love 

Love used to define war, and the love that avoided nuclear war when logic would have held it inevitable seems to have begun to limit the wars that would kill what you love.

Is Abortion Indeed a Human Right?

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In this paper we will focus on the different legal arguments for and against the right to life in the context of the relevant international laws, covenants, and legal texts.

Nothing Guarantees That the EU Will Exist Forever


We discussed the future chances of conservatism, the possible political role of Christianity, and how the ‘rainbow culture’ in Germany uses Hungary as an antipole, a perceived enemy, to forge an identity for itself.

Hungarian Conservative Thought: A Competitive Advantage


The guiding thread of Hungarian conservative thinking has always been to represent the Hungarian national interest, and thus the preservation of the country’s sovereignty and freedom—this is understood to supersede any theoretical concepts.

Demographic Winter and Modernization

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While Africa and West Asia have seen a population explosion, the countries of Eastern Europe and East Asia struggle with dwindling populations.

Family-centred Governance to Counter the Demographic Crisis

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Today Hungary has the second highest proportion in Europe of respondents who would ideally like to have a large family; nine out of ten Hungarians believe that the government should support families having children over encouraging immigration.

Celebrating Tragic Heroism


By 1956, disillusionment with chivalric or martial ideas or even just ordinary love of country was again de rigueur in the world of words.

The Remnant’s Delusion


Review of David French’s Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation.