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Hungary to Become Even More Significant in Electromobility

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Péter Szijjártó visited the construction of Mercedes-Benz's new plant and later presented the company's CEO, Christian Wolff with the Hungarian Cross of Merit.

As a result of a development project that involves doubling its production area, Mercedes-Benz’s Hungarian plant is set to become one of the most significant units of the corporation, with the production of electric models planned to begin next year. Numerous new jobs will be created in Kecskemét, and the local infrastructure will also further develop, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in Kecskemét on Thursday, 13 April.

Mercedes Set To Put Hungary On The E-Mobility Map

According to a statement from the ministry sent to MTI, the minister inspected the new production hall under construction at Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. and presented Christian Wolff, the company’s CEO, with the Hungarian Cross of Merit for his work in promoting the growth of the Hungarian automotive industry. The minister stated that the future backbone of the European economy will undoubtedly be the electric car industry, with Mercedes being one of its flagship companies that has placed the focus of its electromobility strategy in Hungary.

Péter Szijjártó presents the Hungarian Cross of Merit to Christian Wolff. PHOTO: Csaba Bús/MTI

He emphasised that countries that attract the most electric vehicle industry investments will grow the fastest. Szijjártó highlighted that the German company’s expanding capacity in Hungary significantly contributes to Hungary becoming one of, if not the largest, centres of the European electric car industry.

‘New production halls are being built, in which the new bodywork and assembly lines will be located. Thanks to all of these developments, the production of models based on the new electric platform will begin next year. Numerous new jobs will be created, and the infrastructure in Kecskemét will continue to develop,’ the minister said.

The Cooperation Does Not Only Help Hungarians, But Their Image Worldwide

Mercedes employs nearly 5,000 people in Hungary. Now the company is bringing higher category model production to Hungary as a result of its announced giant investment last year. The production of these vehicles will begin in 2024, and thanks to these developments, the Kecskemét plant will grow to be one of the most important manufacturing units of the entire corporation.

‘The 120-year-old Hungarian automotive industry has met with the nearly 140-year tradition of Mercedes-Benz. Hard-working Hungarian people who love their work have met with German precision, one of the world’s largest and most innovative car brands,’ Szijjártó said.

He added that the presence of the company has significance beyond itself, as it also pertains to the training of young Hungarian talents, with the company playing a leading role in Hungary’s dual vocational training system.

The construction site of the new plant in Kecskemét. PHOTO: Csaba Bús/MTI

‘Mercedes, the company’s leaders here, and their German colleagues working at Mercedes are helping us not only by preventing German TV viewers and readers from hearing only negative news about Hungary but also to get a little closer to the real picture of what is happening here’, he said.

The minister reported that the Hungarian automotive industry had its best year ever in 2022, with the production value of the sector employing 150,000 people exceeding 12,000 billion forints, and the export share was around 90 per cent. Furthermore, the momentum has been sustained as the first figures of this year show that the industry increased its performance by 40 per cent, the minister said. He also noted that German companies still constitute the largest investor community in Hungary.

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Péter Szijjártó visited the construction of Mercedes-Benz's new plant and later presented the company's CEO, Christian Wolff with the Hungarian Cross of Merit.