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While talking to the Hungarian sports daily Nemzeti Sport, Chairman of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) Sándor Csányi said that, despite being disappointed that Hungary failed to qualify from their
‘Thanks be to God He did not let them kill him,’ said the Hungarian prime minister in his regular public radio interview this morning. Viktor Orbán expressed hope that this
Tamás Sulyok stated that several key areas aimed at strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries were reviewed during the Thursday meeting. He added that in light of Hungary
New sanctions by the Ukrainian government have forced oil transports from the Russian oil procedure Lukoil to be stopped to Hungary and Slovakia. However, Hungary is still receiving gas shipments
British Prime Minister Keir Starmer announced on 18 July that the next EPC summit will be held in Hungary this year, and in Albania and Denmark next year.
Reportedly, the visa waiver scheme is part of President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s efforts to better relations with Western Europe. The citizens of three EU Member States, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, have
This year, in the ‘Employability–Performance Improvement’ category, the QS awarded Corvinus University of Budapest. The commendation highlighted that the university has taken significant steps to enhance the employability of its
While left-wing EU politicians are trying to organize a boycott of Hungary’s presidency of the EU Council, Chancellor Karl Nehammer of Austria has stated that he and the ministers of
The new regulation does not apply to all electric scooters: scooters weighing more than 25 kilograms require insurance if their design speed exceeds 14 km/h, and all scooters require insurance
Katalin Karikó and Ferenc Krausz had seen the designs and ‘gave their blessing’ to the project. The creation of the Wall of Nobel Laureates, designed by Péter Csuth and realized