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Janez Janša, Gábor Kubatov, and János Bóka Speak at CPAC Hungary 2024

Fidesz Party Director and MP Gábor Kubatov Speaks at CPAC Hungary 2024.
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All three distinguished speakers warned of the perils of mass illegal migration into Europe, and stressed nations’ right to self-determination as well on Day 1 of CPAC Hungary 2024.

Nicknamed ‘the Slovenian Trump,’ Former Prime Minister Janez Janša of Slovenia was among the most anticipated speakers on Day 1 of CPAC Hungary 2024, taking place on 25–26 April at the Millenáris Park in Budapest.

He appeared in the ‘Save the West, Protect the Borders’ block of the scheduled speakers in the afternoon. PM Janša started his piece by distinguishing between personal sovereignty, the key tenets of which are ‘values, knowledge, and property,’ and national sovereignty, which, he stated, is about ‘demography, territory, and resources’. He later went on to define sovereignty itself. ‘Sovereignty fundamentally means deciding how to live,’ he told the audience.

He also forcefully spoke out against illegal immigration, warning all that the most liberal approach to immigration is the open border policy, which will lead to the dismantling of Western civilization. Breaking down Western civilization is a stated goal in the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels from 1848, and many of the woke activists are still avid supporters of Marx and his ideology, Janša pointed out.

The Center on Twitter: “The view from the speakers’ gallery at #CPACHungary. / Twitter”

The view from the speakers’ gallery at #CPACHungary.

The former Prime Minister also opined that mass illegal migration can lead to the loss of national sovereignty. On another sinister note, he lamented the Brussels police’s attempt to shut down the National Conservatism Conference in Brussels, Belgium earlier this month. PM Janša stressed that freedom of speech is an essential human right, without which people cannot hold fair elections, which, in turn, will lead to totalitarianism.

Fidesz Party Director and MP Gábor Kubatov arrived at CPAC Hungary 2024 in a good mood. He also serves as President of the Ferencváros (FTC) football club, which just won their sixth consecutive national championship for the first time in their history. MP Kubatov started his speech by stating

‘I am Hungarian, son of a thousand-year-old Christian nation, and lover of freedom’.

He pointed out that Hungarians had to fight for their freedom many times during their history, either against the Habsburgs or the communist Soviets. The ideological descendants of the communists, he believes, are members of the left-wing opposition parties, who had to endure four losses by a constitutional supermajority as historical punishment.

After the regime change of 1989–1990, the liberal left took over the media, creating a ‘media hegemony’ for themselves. That hegemony had to be broken in 2010 in order to facilitate the right-wing conservative Fidesz–KDNP coalition’s four consecutive victories. MP Kubatov would like to see the liberal media hegemony be broken in other countries as well, so right-wing parties can have better chances in elections in other places in the world.

He too spoke of the perils of mass illegal migration, reminding all the series of terror attacks Europe had to suffer in the wake of the 2015 migration crisis. He warned that around one million migrants from Muslim-majority countries are still entering Europe every year, with zero desire for assimilation. Mr Kubatov believes that it is the countries who should decide who they want to let in or not, not human smuggling rings or liberal NGOs.

Minister of European Union Affairs János Bóka of Hungary picked up on the same topic, reminding all that Hungary has been fighting illegal migration for nearly a decade now, since the start of the 2015 crisis. That is despite the fact Brussels is not providing any financial or technical aid for protecting the EU’s external borders—in fact, he believes the European Court of Justice is about to impose a fine on the Hungarian government. Meanwhile, Frontex, the organization nominally in charge of managing the Union’s external borders, can do nothing to actually protect citizens from illegal migration, the best they can do is give statistics about it.

Minister Bóka pointed out that the liberal Brussels elite believes that migration is the best solution for Europe’s demographic challenges.

Unfortunately, ‘bad ideas have been paired with high diligence,’ in their case, which is very bad scenario for Europe. That is why, he stressed, we need change in Brussels, and urged everyone to get out and vote in the European Parliamentary elections on 9 June.

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All three distinguished speakers warned of the perils of mass illegal migration into Europe, and stressed nations’ right to self-determination as well on Day 1 of CPAC Hungary 2024.