Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 30, 2024

‘If we treat the deepening understanding of the common value of Rule of Law as we would the space race, with definite winners and losers, then we degrade it. There
For reasons unknown, the Facebook page of the Hungarian pro-Israel news website was banned by Meta on Sunday. EMIH Chief Rabbi Slomó Köves’ page was also removed. Both pages
‘The rule of law’s conceptional imperfection makes it a perfect weapon, horribile dictu, a substantive lawfare.’
The grant allows for the production of public service programmes to be broadcast in all four quarters of the year, airing weekly on the same day and at the same
Ferenc Kovács, the owner of Aurora Hotel and a crypto enthusiast, announced in a Twitter video that his establishment will be accepting payments in Bitcoin. The video was picked up
According to information from POLITICO, EU leaders and some member states want to punish Hungary by giving the country a weak portfolio in the next European Commission. Hungary currently holds
This season’s ambassadors of the Highlights of Hungary initiative, aiming to showcase each year the most diverse outstanding Hungarian achievements, have been introduced to the public. A psychologist, a TV
‘I firmly believe the EU is in dire need of a rule of law instrument but this instrument should be turned upside down. It should guarantee that the principle of
According to SMER-SD MP Erik Kaliňák, Robert Fico was shot five times in the small intestine, but the Slovak PM’s condition is improving day by day. Fico was shot on
‘Within a few years, Hungary will be among the five countries in the world capable of manufacturing over one million cars annually,’ Péter Szijjártó stated, announcing a new investment in