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Jeremy Wayne Tate, founder and CEO of the Classic Learning Test, replied to a clip of a press conference shared by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in which he discusses his
Out of the 1,041 projects granted funding, 974 have already been completed, State Secretary for Public Education in the Ministry of Interior Zoltán Maruzsa announced in Dusnok, Bács-Kiskun County, Hungary,
‘There is an evident deficit in competence between the right-wing and left-wing organizations in this country. Part of it has to do with competent, otherwise not ideological people gravitating toward
The high-profile conference on education continued with its second day at the MCC Budapest campus, with another slew of illustrious expert guests sharing their knowledge and opinions regarding the role
According to Minister of Construction and Transport János Lázár, in the new Hungarian settlement type of the 21st century the countryside merges with the metropolis.
Instead of labelling it as a ‘Revenge Act,’ Klebelsberg President Gabriella Hajnal suggests it be called the ‘Career Path Act’ since it emphasises the importance of teachers and grants them
The Career Orientation Measurement and Support Tool (POM) can be accessed on the website of the Education Office. On the online platform, students can complete various questionnaires, and based on
At the inauguration ceremony of a new wing of a school building in Mór, Fejér County, minister of state for Public Education Zoltán Maruzsa stated that ‘the schools of tomorrow
According to poet and politician József Bajza, the Teleki House was a true bastion of the Hungarian language, which was in danger of erosion at the time. For his political
‘Historically, wars are coups d’états in the interior of the political process. It’s usually invisible to outsiders and it usually doesn’t respond to outside activity. The war in Ukraine started