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The International Monetary Fund has advised governments against granting widespread financial assistance amid the energy crisis. While energy companies would continue to enjoy unprecedented profits, average househoulds would be hit
Methane is 80 times worse for the atmosphere than CO2, yet emissions remain largely unchecked. If there is no immediate response, all climate action will be futile.
Although Sergio Massa, Argentina’s newly appointed economy minister, has made it clear that he is ‘no magician’, the public will have extraordinary expectations of him in the face of a
As EU member states revert to coal due to the energy crisis, it is now apparent that coal will soon be in short supply for some countries.
Southern-European countries expect a large influx of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. As food insecurity grows due to the war and climate change, many will attempt to
The Asia-Pacific region is facing its worst energy crisis in years, and the consequences of their responses will likely affect the entire globe.
Europe is scrambling to replace Russian oil and gas, which has renewed interest in massive African oil and gas investments.
Due to the multifaceted crisis the continent is dealing with, the probability of recession is rising.
As fears mount over the possibility of Gazprom further reducing gas flow, Germany is reconsidering its nuclear stance.
After a decade of distrust of nuclear energy, Japan is set to return to nuclear power due to rising energy prices and shifting public opinion.