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As long as legal harassment, inter-ethnic conflicts, economic hardships and—on top of all that—war plague the Hungarians in Ukraine, their survival can only be assured by the heroic perseverance we
Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advocated for a more realist approach to ending the war —and unnecessary human suffering—in Ukraine, by entering peace talks with Russia. Kyiv promptly
Most Americans think there is an ‘invasion’ going on at the southern border of the United States as more migrants pour into the country than ever before.
The financial battle between Hungary and the EU is coming to an end with an agreement reached on all major issues. Both parties celebrate the result as their own
Hungary is accused of being immoral for not agreeing to the newest Ukraine aid scheme. But it takes two to tango.
Modern Hungary is not just a model for conservative statecraft, but the model. Americans, Brits, Spaniards, Australians—everyone—can and should learn from it. And by the way, I think we will,
Imagine how frustrating it must have been for the American Democrats to see Orbán winning with record numbers after they invested millions of dollars in influencing the 2022 Hungarian elections.
The violent persecution of minorities and various disenfranchised groups should be challenged at international fora and on the level of public diplomacy, and not in the football field with embarrassing
Balázs Orbán’s work is a penetrative exegesis of the unique success of Hungarian statecraft in the past decade as well as an astute guide for all nation-states of similar stature.
The American left is outraged that President Trump’s Twitter account was reinstated by Elon Musk. This is a good moment to remind it that in a democracy, freedom of speech