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Minority SafePack might be over, but the fight isn’t. Even if Europe lets its indigenous ethnic minorities down, the Hungarian government, for one, will never stop being responsible for those
Every minor detail of Europeans’ lives is being discussed in Brussels, except faith. Hölvényi called this an ‘ontological absurdity’, given spirituality’s central place in human consciousness. Eastern Europeans can at
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been re-elected by an unusually large margin, performing especially well among the traditionally left-leaning Hispanics. His victory shows that standing up to wokeness and corporate
A further addition to the tearful eulogies galore for American democracy, Paul Krugman’s New York Times article likens the Democrats’ nightmare scenario to Orbán’s Hungary. Really?
The internet challenge intended to raise awareness about the negative effects of pornography is getting more popular every year. But so is opposing it.
As Western pundits and politicians are busy condemning Hungary for its national consultation about energy sanctions, they ignore the anger boiling up in their own countries.
While the Royal Air Force is busy filling up its ranks with diversity hires, Beijing is happy to employ British ex-pilots to train the next generation of Chinese fighters. As
With conservatism being forced out of an increasing number of arenas and institutions today, the need to (re)define it is greater than ever. If we as a society are to
A recent Sunday Times article uncovered the dark underbelly of the transitional hormone industry and the unbelievable ease with which minors are buying under-the-counter pharmaceutical products online.
In its latest stand against Ottawa’s overreach, Alberta seeks to limit the power of federal jurisdiction within the province by passing the Alberta Sovereignty Act.