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Minister of Finance: government securities are booming by Tamás Orbán

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Minister of Finance: government securities are booming

The total value invested in the most popular form of government securities (MÁP+) has passed 5.5 trillion forints – posted Hungarian Minister of Finance Mihály Varga on his Facebook page.

According to the minister, the growing numbers show that the Magyar Állampapír Plusz (MÁP+) continues to be the most popular form of savings investments among Hungarian families, even during the pandemic.

In 2020, Hungarian people  bought government securities for more than one trillion forints, which puts the total value of government bonds currently held by the populace to over 9.3 trillion forints.

Minister Varga added that while in 2010 only three percent of the national debt could be covered by government securities, today this rate stands at around 25%. This is one of the reasons Hungary was able to handle the economic crises caused by the pandemic so well – wrote Varga.

Source: MTI

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