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Hungary helps two hundred Syrian families to return to their homes by Tamás Orbán

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Hungary helps two hundred Syrian families to return to their homes

The Archbishop of Homs thanked Hungary and the Prime Minister for rebuilding two hundred homes in a letter on Monday.

The Syrian civil war, which started more than ten years ago, has cost the country half a million deaths and caused millions to flee after their homes were destroyed during the fights. Now, another commitment of the Hungarian government’s refugee policy to ‘help on the spot’ has come to fruition with the completion of two Christian youth centres and more than two hundred residential homes in the city of Homs in Western Syria.

Archbishop Jean Abdo Arbach expressed his gratitude in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday, thanking the Hungarian nation and the PM himself for helping his community. “We pray for You and for that Hungary may continue to be a stable shield of the prosecuted Christian values throughout the world” – wrote Archbishop Arbach in the letter.

During the Homs reconstruction program, the Hungarian government was helped by the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, which has been present in the region for years.

Source: MTI

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