Hungarian Conservative

Issue: No. 3|Vol. II

On Sunday, they held another round of interim elections in Hungary, where Fidesz, the ruling party, managed to bring further victories to the right.
The North Atlantic Treaty forms the legal basis of NATO, but what exactly is the scope of the alliance’s authority?
Disinformation, fake news or active measures to ideologically subvert the Western world – 38 years ago a former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov exposed Soviet techniques to ideologically undermine the Western
It has been six years since David Cameron’s resignation in 2016. Though he served for six years, his legacy will forever be boiled down to Brexit.
2022-2023 is dedicated to the bicentenary of Hungary’s greatest national poet, Sándor Petőfi. He is one of the internationally best-known Hungarian poets and the most influential representative of Hungarian Romanticism.
Márton Gyöngyösi, the new president of the party proposed to draw up a list of Jewish people in the country, since he thought they are a risk to national security.
As colonel commandant, Kováts’s main mission was to train a cavalry in the tradition of Hungarian hussar tactics. Within months, the legion had become the best-trained and most reputable cavalry unit fighting
The rainbow coalition envisioned in the opposition party headquarters and progressive think tanks did not necessarily resonate with the wishes and expectations of the Hungarian voters.
It seems that the louder the international left fights for Hungarian ‘democracy’, the stronger the Fidesz governments the democracy in question elects.
In order to restart the economy, Macron is proposing measures with both social and economic dimensions, including an EU-level fuel tax and EU standards to be enforced in trade agreements, and