Hungarian Conservative

Issue: No. 2|Vol. II

Nature is not as natural as we formerly thought it was, or so the modern conceit goes. We supposedly live in a radically different social world as compared with medieval England.
Frequent charges against the Commission are predominantly based on the fact that it lacks democratic legitimacy for making decisions regarding issues of ideology, and it is not held accountable by
It is our belief that the Western liberal elite’s irrational hatred of Hungary’s political culture is driven by a deeply entrenched sense of insecurity regarding its own legitimacy.
Hungarian climate policy affirms the possibility of climate-friendly economic development, where economic development is carried out in a sustainable manner in line with the requirements of climate protection.
Modernist thinking seeks to protect humanity’s environment, thus humanity itself, precisely from nature.
From Central Europe’s perspective, a closer alignment between the narratives and perceptions of Washington and Central European states is needed to increase regional stability.
It is time to acknowledge that patriotism may indeed be considered a virtue, while liberalism tainted with globalism is a force that is out to destroy the nation state.
If both elites (those of the West and of Central Europe, respectively) are ready to follow a more pragmatic political action plan, and rely on a less exclusive and lecturing linguistic regime, we