Reflections on the European Right


The clear winner of the past hundred years is socialism, with a track record of struggles between its various
versions throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

Platforms and Fundamental Rights


Extensive moderation, which does not shy away from deletion, will carry platforms far from their initial democratic achievement, making them gatekeepers that can be manipulated more easily than in any previous medium of communication.

Liberalisms, Liberal, and Illiberal

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Illiberal democracy
is a set-up, such as Hungary, in which democracy prevails, but without the stultifying carapace of liberal (or “liberal”) pieties and prejudices.

Conservatism and Mass Democracy


What concept could play a key role in conservative thought? Perhaps authority, or social harmony, but certainly not democracy. All the same, no opponent of conservatism today can characterize conservative political parties and movements as antidemocratic elements. Our author provides unique insights into this issue.

On the Word ‘Conservative’

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Modern societies that work well are conservative in that they have a strong sense of homeostasis. This is the sense of continually returning to a point of equilibrium. Upsets, changes, drives, and tensions occur along the way.

The Transgender Craze Examined


Those old days are gone: nowadays doctors and therapists, with a few exceptions, do not dare to contradict claims of transgenderism.

Rommel’s Hungarian Soldier


The film’s (The English Patient) main protagonist is the Hungarian desert explorer László Almásy. Who was this mysterious person looking for happiness so far from home, in the barren, sandy world of the Libyan Desert?

The Philosopher and the Politician


Being politically modern means the hope that people are able to take their own life into their hands and be their own masters, and that the human condition can be completely understood and controlled.