Globalization, Democracy, and Discontent


In the wake of a global pandemic, Western democracies have become hugely indebted, weak, self-loathing riven by incessant migration and beset by an identity crisis. What went wrong?

The Age of Digital Freedom


Today’s “objective truth” is not what the majority of the scientific community accepts as such; rather it is what most people share on social media.

Vaccine Sovereignty and Integration Maturity


Dissatisfaction with the Commission’s performance has grown and is still growing; even member states that have been pillars of EU integration, such as Austria, Germany, and Sweden, have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Spaces of Conservation


Nostalgia, so characteristic of conservatives, can
be understood not in
time but in space instead.
This nostalgia originates from Odysseus’s desire
to return home (νόστος) and means the suffering
of man away from his home that motivates his return.