The Struggles of Men of a More Sophisticated Age

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In its entirety, Scitovszky’s memoirs are a compelling and eloquent retelling of many of the obscure events at and after Trianon, written by a man of a sophisticated age, hardened by insurmountable challenges and driven by a sense
of duty and responsibility.

Law, Politics, and Juristocracy

The central proposition to help decode the nature of the European polis is that the EU is simultaneously a legal and a political formation.

The Terror of Positivity

The imperative of transparency also implies a proliferation of information which, quite deliberately, does not establish the truth, but only serves to make the world more opaque.

How Budapest Dreams and Reconstructs Its Past


This is Budapest: a big city that dreamed and then built for itself a colourful past during the last decades of the old world, in those final moments before the dawn of modernism.