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Celebrating Pedro Almodóvar with a Journey Through His Cinematic Masterpieces

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar holds the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, which he received at the 76th Venice Film Festival on 29 August 2019.
Claudio Onorati//EPA-ANSA/MTI
To celebrate the director's life's work, the Art+ Cinema theatre in Budapest will screen his iconic films throughout an entire week.

A selection of works by Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar, created between 1983 and 2006, will be screened for enthusiasts every evening from Thursday to 29 May at the film week held at Art+ Cinema.

According to the organizers’ statement on Wednesday, the film week begins on Thursday with the screening of Talk to Her, a 2002 film drama. The story revolves around two men who spend most of their time beside two women in a coma in a hospital ward, which gradually deepens the bond between them as they converse more while waiting for their lovers to awaken.

On Friday, the audience will see Volver, a 2006 film drama starring Oscar and SAG-nominated Spanish actress Penélope Cruz. The plot follows Raimunda, who is informed by her sister about their aunt’s death. Unable to attend the funeral, she is represented by her sister, who is told an intriguing development in their hometown: their mother’s spirit has returned from the afterlife.

Saturday will feature the screening of All About My Mother, a 1999 film drama. The story follows Manuela, whose son is fatally hit by a car. Struggling to cope, she reads his diary and discovers he missed his father, whom she had hidden from him due to the fact that he now lives as Lola. Manuela decides to reveal everything to her former husband.

On Sunday, the audience can enjoy the 1988 comedy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. The film centres on Pepa, an actress who, after breaking up with her partner, discovers she is pregnant. As she tries to win back her lover, she encounters more women with similar fates, leading to unexpected comedic situations as she tries to avoid a nervous breakdown.

On 27 May, the 1997 erotic thriller Live Flesh will be screened as part of the Almodóvar film week. The film’s protagonist, Victor, falls in love with Elena at a disco. When he tries to meet her again, Elena is waiting for her dealer, but instead, the police arrive and Victor is imprisoned. Meanwhile, Elena marries one of the officers, but Victor is determined not to let it go.

Spain’s Oscar entry, The Flower of My Secret, will be shown on 28 May at the Art+ Cinema. This 1995 film drama tells the story of a popular romance novelist, who writes under a pseudonym, struggling with a creative block.

The film week will conclude on 29 May with the screening of Dark Habits, a 1983 film. The story focuses on Yolanda, a singer accused of murder by the police. While on the run, she finds refuge in an unusual convent, but her problems persist.

Tickets for the Hungarian-dubbed films are now available, according to the statement.

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