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Artúr Köő

Artúr Köő is a historian, a researcher and a secondary school teacher. He was born in 1987 in Bánffyhunyad (Huedin) in Transylvania, Romania. He holds a PhD in history from the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. He graduated with an MA in history and pedagogy from the University of Pécs. He has been teaching at a Reformed Church secondary school for more than ten years. He is married with two children.
On 18 June 1868, 155 years ago today, Hungarian admiral Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya was born in Kenderes, Austria-Hungary. One of the greatest Hungarian statesmen of the 20th century served
According to poet and politician József Bajza, the Teleki House was a true bastion of the Hungarian language, which was in danger of erosion at the time. For his political
‘Through the gaps in the door, I saw Arrow Cross members leading people to the Danube bank to be shot to death. I also witnessed that those who could no
From the time of the regime change to the present day, the solid community of Hungarians living in Romania has regularly requested, and is requesting, unfortunately so far without success,