Hungarian Conservative

Day: October 31, 2023

German Green MEP Daniel Freund thought that 23 October was the right time to publish the report on Hungary by the EP’s so-called Supervisory Body. He is proud to have
According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó highlighted during the inauguration of the new office of Aldi International IT Services that the establishment
A few decades ago, cloning was only the dream of the elite of the scientific world—now it is our reality. It is used in agriculture, medicine, and even in polo
CSOK Plus is an extremely favourable, state-supported loan for families planning to have children or for those who are wish to have more children. It can be used for the
On the day before Pásztor’s death, the commemoration of the Vojvodina massacre of ethnic Hungarians in WWII took place in Csurog on Sunday, 29 October.
Professor Kollár briefed the PM about the scientific body’s work in the recent period, and the two leaders also discussed key challenges facing Hungary amidst a war, demographic and economic
Zsolt Semjén, in front of nearly a thousand people at the István Square inauguration ceremony, spoke about how Petőfi’s worldview, which was built on folk-national values and Hungarian interests, has
5,500 photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, submitted a total of 44,000 images to this year’s Hungary 365 photo contest, more than ever before. Winners will be awarded in five different categories this year.
‘The speed and eagerness with which Hungarian clubs sought to return to their old identities, with all the loyalties and connections they represented, demonstrated the power of these emotional and
Albeit Hungary does not traditionally celebrate Halloween in its North American sense, the connection between the Hungarian commemoration of the dead and Halloween is stronger than one might think.