Hungarian Conservative

Day: June 8, 2023

Highly respected experts, such as former Constitutional Court Justice István Stumpf, Gadi Taub, Senior Lecturer at the Federmann School of public policy from Israel, and James Allen of the University
The Hungarian President reached out to the local Hungarian diaspora organisations during her visit to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. She will also be one of the keynote speakers at the Swiss
According to Charap, as the dragging on of the war is not in the interest of either the West or Ukraine, there is need to look for another way of
During the meeting held at the Carmelite Monastery earlier today, Viktor Orbán emphasised that although a ceasefire and peace would be paramount, intense fighting erupted in the Russo-Ukrainian war on
What does the lower reach of the River Garam mean to Hungarians? For some, it is just a region of the Uplands, for others, a beautiful, wide, flat, and fertile
The newly crowned British monarch arrived in Transylvania, Romania, a few days ago. King Charles III is a frequent guest in the Eastern European country, as he is especially attracted