Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 5, 2023

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán hosted a working lunch for the European participants of CPAC Hungary, and two special guests.
The earliest Hungarian princes and kings can also be found among the many ancestors of today’s British Royal family: between British King Charles III and the Pagan Hungarian Prince Árpád,
Lt General Gábor Böröndi is the ‘right man in the right place at the right time’ to lead the Hungarian Defence Forces from the combat level to the operational level,
The Prime Minister gave this piece of advice at CPAC Hungary 2023 to his conservative allies around the world on how to defeat the woke mind virus: ‘All it takes
In his interview with Richard Quest, Péter Szijjártó asked the rhetorical question: ‘Do you think all this would be possible if there were systemic corruption? Because if there is systemic
Innovation is both a fundamental human activity, and a fundamentally human activity. It is fundamental, insofar as we are compelled by the need to innovate—a need that expresses itself in
The prime minister talked about how Hungary has a vested interest in achieving peace in Ukraine, since the war diminishes the value of Hungary and endangers the ethnic Hungarians living