Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 16, 2023

The idea of the competition first arose in 2016, the year Szeged-born Zsigmond passed away. The first festival named after him was organised in 2017. Entries for this year’s festival
Hungarian leaders have been constantly calling for peace negotiations. By contrast, the US government has been sending tens of billions of dollars in military aid and weapons to Ukraine, with
The actress was queried about her feelings regarding her Hungarian ancestry at the post-award show Q&A.
The construction of the Hungarian Parliament began in 1885, and it took almost two decades to complete. The building was designed by the Hungarian architect Imre Steindl in a unique
At the meeting, the parties agreed to strengthen cooperation. They also shared the view that government support needs to be provided in order to protect Hungary’s strategically important automotive industry
‘Every investment that started with the support of the Hungarian government will be completed, whether it is the construction of a kindergarten, nursery, school, university, community spaces, or the renovation
The Prime Minister reminded that when asked what gives higher meaning to finite life and to the homeland, Petőfi provided the answer: ‘Stand up, Hungarian! Shall we be slaves or
As part of the new cooperation agreement between the two institutions, each year four researchers from the Heritage Foundation will visit Budapest and work with the Danube Institute as visiting
Strength, loyalty and hope–the virtues Hungary’s tricolour stands for.