Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 15, 2023

The distinguished speakers all stressed how important they believe it is to have the global centre of political philosophy moved from the US to Europe, where it originates from.
Applications for the student talent development programme are open until 24 April 2023, university students from any academic field can apply. The special training takes six semesters to finish.
As part of the ‘DiscoverEU’ programme within the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, more than 212,000 tickets have been distributed in the previous seven application rounds, and almost 25,000 Hungarian applicants
In the spring of 1848, there were a series of revolutionary movements aimed to overthrow or reform monarchical government systems and create new nation states throughout the whole of Europe,
Although the revolution and freedom fight was crushed, 15 March is not a day of mourning, but of delayed victory. While the defeat of the Revolution and Freedom Fight was