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Authors - Stageing: Wael Taji Miller

‘In the Britain that is now, just like in every other Western country that has accepted indiscriminate mass immigration from countries with Islamic values, it has become normal to celebrate
The idea of founding a country from scratch in order to establish a homeland for a nation that does not exist yet is an act that would be seen by
‘By compromising its freedoms of speech and expression as a means by which to satisfy its international partners, Sweden and Denmark are revealing themselves to be far more ruthlessly utilitarian,
‘J.R.R. Tolkien was an author, and Imre Makovecz was an architect. But while they may be divided by their crafts, the two men were, I argue, united in spirit. Both Tolkien and
Innovation is both a fundamental human activity, and a fundamentally human activity. It is fundamental, insofar as we are compelled by the need to innovate—a need that expresses itself in
‘It has long been argued that if a society accepts the proposition of gender identity, or transgender identities, as fully valid for individual identification purposes, then all problems will simply
‘For some victims—those killed in the initial impact at 4 a.m. in their homes and businesses—both the story of the disaster and of their lives ended there. For at least
The stoic acceptance of suffering is a virtue highlighted by all Christians, but it is the extreme case of martyrdom where the Coptic Church is arguably distinct from the rest.
This is no ‘journalism’—these are the tactics of the CIA and the KGB described in Cold War history books, played out in the 21st century in domestic contexts.
In the second part of our series, we will examine another pillar of the Coptic Church that arguably played an even greater role in the history of Christianity as a