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Authors - Stageing: Virág Lőrincz

Rabbi Baruch Oberlander highlighted the fact that although in the Western media Hungary is often portrayed as a place where anti-Semitism is still a major concern, Hungary is one of
The conference featured several distinguished speakers, including Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Julianna Taimoorazy.
Although last year’s report already mentioned the harmful effects of the covid pandemic on religious persecution, the situation has worsened this year.
The Hungarian National Museum and the Galerija Klovićevi Dvori of Zagreb jointly present the cultural and historical relations between Croatia and Hungary via a temporary exhibition.
Looking back to a nice memory: read a short summary of the Hungarian Conservative third issue launch
The purpose of hosting one of the most important events of the American Republican Party is to build a bridge between American and Hungarian conservatives.