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The Hungarian-Dominican Vincent Valerio-Bodon was released from the 17-time NBA champion Los Angeles Lakes after playing a pre-season game for the team. Had he been able to make it in
Both countries have cited the increased threat of terrorism as the reason for their new, stricter measures on border control.
At a campaign rally in Clive, Iowa on Monday, President Trump called PM Orbán ‘the strongest leader, a very powerful man,’ as well as ‘a great gentleman’.
Despite having only two Democrats and eight Republicans on the ballot, Jeff Landry, with the endorsement of President Trump, managed to win over 50 per cent of the popular vote
The Foreign Minister of Hungary stressed the importance of connectivity between the ‘interdependent’ Eastern and Western economies, and cautioned against dividing the world into political blocs again. On the same
Two pro-Hamas protests were also banned in Budapest last week. PM Viktor Orbán has vowed not to allow any ‘pro-terror demonstrations’ in Hungary.
US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman was quick to condemn PM Viktor Orbán’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing on the social media platform X., suggesting the Hungarian
The National Assembly of Bulgaria passed a new, €10.2 per megawatt-hour tax on Russian gas coming through the TurkStream pipeline. President Aleksandar Vučić of Serbia and Foreign Minister Péter
The Hungarian Football National Team can secure a place at the Euro 2024 in Germany as early as tonight if they manage to beat Lithuania, which they are well positioned
It is quite apparent that from Afghanistan to Ukraine, from Israel to North Korea, the world is worse off than it was when Donald Trump occupied the White House. Can