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Authors - Stageing: Lídia Papp

‘The distinction between God and Caesar is in the DNA of Christianity. And many have not yet realized that it has fundamentally shaped the West.’
‘1956 could teach us lessons in all these areas today. And I hope that wise Hungarian politicians, and we have always had them, will search this road.’
Why are we not praying for Christians? Why are we not doing something? Why are we not moved by their plight? They must not be forgotten.
‘There is robust political debate in Hungary, but it is not dominated by hatred of one’s own nation and a sort of romantic, progressive Marxism and wokeism to the degree
‘Every subject about marriage and family always focused on what the adults wanted rather than what the children needed, desired and even had a right to.’
‘The moment you are not criticizing Israel but demonizing it, using double standards against it, or delegitimizing it, it is not simply being critical of Israel and Zionism at large,
‘We, young people, have a responsibility for our future, and we need to feel obliged to pass on this planet to our children and grandchildren at least in the same
4th Demographic Summit: Europe has entered an era of decline, and if we do not protect the integrity of our families, there will be nothing left to prevent the state
The problem with social media is that the business model—the medium itself—is founded on not just a misunderstanding, but an exclusion, of what it is to be human.
‘I’ve often said that if Donald Trump had had even half the intelligence and the focus of Viktor Orbán, America would be a very different place.’