Hungarian Conservative

Authors - Stageing: Lénárd Sándor

‘One of the most dangerous trends we are seeing in the West is the increasing deployment of the rule of law for instrumental political ends.  We are seeing this in the
‘Conservatives and conservatism have featured in American political life from the beginning. The problem is that the history of American conservatism does not map onto contemporary ideological templates.’
‘What Europe ultimately needs is a fundamental psychological shift, in which pathological Western civilizational guilt and national self-effacement are set aside. Needless to say, this is a tall order for
‘A free and democratic republic without an education that inspires young citizens to love their country on the one hand, and, on the other, raising such citizens without a serious
The real stake is whether the originalist shift can restore the democratic process and structure of governance.
‘Today, European law, which had previously been on an equal footing, seems to be seeking hegemony over the legal systems of the member states, no longer merely to harmonize them,
International law has been constantly expanding and consolidating its competence over relations between state and people.