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Authors - Stageing: Levente László Greczula

The statement denouncing the law on the protection of national sovereignty alleges that it potentially restricts press freedom, by threatening the operation of and intimidating the ‘independent’ media.
The German constitutional court has recently declared it unconstitutional that the Berlin government had re-channelled some 60 billion euros of the fund created to tackle the coronavirus crisis into the
The new Polish government is quite likely to not be able to deliver on many of its crucial election promises, which may create legitimacy problems. And this is far from
Greta Thunberg has voiced the opinion that the Western media ‘brainwashes’ people about Israel, and recently wore a Palestinian scarf to a climate protest in Amsterdam. As a result, Fridays
In a recent interview with POLITICO, Zelensky’s chief of staff Andrii Yermak stated that it is unacceptable that some of Europe’s leaders and citizens are fatigued by the conflict in
Hungary has long been committed to supporting Serbia’s accession to the EU, but given the protracted migration and energy crises, it is also in Budapest’s vital interest to have a
‘The fact is, however, that the continent’s current economic situation finds only a relatively small number of EU countries in a giving mood. French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday
Even if the Bundestag votes in favour of the tightening of the asylum law, deportations are not expected to increase significantly in Germany—according to the Interior Ministry, the number of
The daily operation of the Hungarian railways is hampered by profound structural problems. It is not only a lack of sufficient funding but also the absence of a consistent and
‘According to recent polls, neither United Right nor Civic Platform will be able to form a government on its own…Donald Tusk’s situation seems easier in that he may have a