Hungarian Conservative

Authors - Stageing: Gergely Szilvay

‘Whatever form it takes, whatever its emphasis, American exceptionalism does exist, and it is definitely reflected in the attitudes of both ordinary Americans and American politics. It is what American
‘Normally, a member state’s disputes with Brussels about compliance with the EU regulations should not affect its NATO membership at all. What’s more, the European Union is not a ‘top-down
The blossoming of conservative institutions infuriated the Left so much that it started to label their work as ’pseudo-scientific’ and ’ideological’, an attempt to ’hijack’ science and— of course—democracy, by
‘I expect that the Republicans will have a comfortable majority in the House, and will also take the Senate, with a two- to four-seat majority.’
What is the point of monarchies? What do kings stand for that presidents of republics do not? 
‘I’ve never seen a Hungary more open, more vibrant, more free than now,’ says former New York governor George Pataki.
Today there are many different understandings of family which are considered equal. The endeavour is not without dangers, for this equality of forms and models is not something supposed to
Those old days are gone: nowadays doctors and therapists, with a few exceptions, do not dare to contradict claims of transgenderism.
The revival and reinstatement of tradition, its restoration if you like, is by no means self-contradictory, and constancy is a more important element of tradition than change.