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Authors - Stageing: Dániel Farkas

The focus of Anna Loutfi’s talk at Danube Institute was the category of philosophical belief in UK equality law and its implications for general freedom of expression under common law
We have to approach contemporary problems with humility and a commitment to ever-greater freedom – which should be a goal in itself.
The right wing of the British two-party system has to reinvent itself. What comes after the fall of the liberal order in British political life? 
Rob Long, the latest guest of the Danube Institute, talked about how to tell your story which reflects your values and corresponds to reality alike while creating a widely
Hannes H. Gissurarson, an Icelandic expert of neo-liberalism and conservatism, offered his thoughts on the compatibility of Thatcherist values with present-day conservatism at the premises of Lónyay-Hatvany residence on the
Today, Hungary and the V4 group are in the same power bloc as the West, but they can still serve as leverage points against certain Western powers in the field
The United States is in great need of a political force with ‘economic populism’, but social conservatism and a clear stance against the ‘woke’ ideologies.