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Authors - Stageing: Balázs Hompoth

As fears mount over the possibility of Gazprom further reducing gas flow, Germany is reconsidering its nuclear stance.
After a decade of distrust of nuclear energy, Japan is set to return to nuclear power due to rising energy prices and shifting public opinion.
Russia and Ukraine have agreed to reopen Black Sea ports for grain exports. The deal is a good start but to prevent famine more needs to be done.
Tensions rise between China and the United States over Taiwan. But why is a relatively small island so important?
ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s operational capabilities have dwindled, but the jihadist movement is far from defeated.
Climate change is reducing output and raising safety concerns at nuclear facilities from France to the US. But experts say adapting is possible—and necessary.
The European Commission approved a staggering €5.4 billion hydrogen subsidy plan last Friday. The ambitious joint project aims to help reach net-zero greenhouse gas emission plans and replace natural gas
The North Atlantic Treaty forms the legal basis of NATO, but what exactly is the scope of the alliance’s authority?
53 years after the Moon landing many still question the necessity of space exploration, but it is unquestionable that the desire to expand the boundaries of what we know has
Nelson Mandela is considered to be the hero of the struggle aganst apartheid, but the former South African president is not the flawless hero he is often portrayed as.