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Authors - Stageing: Ágnes Kormáromi

Instead of testing Russia’s willingness to allow the crossing of what for now are soft red lines, the West should start thinking about how peace could be achieved.
Russia’s infamous Wagner Group is looking for mercenaries in Serbia, Hungary’s southern neighbour.
While the internationalisation of news has created an environment where major international events are always top news, from a conservative standpoint, it is the local challenges a particular political unit
The uptick in the number of refugees from Ukraine to Hungary is hardly surprising given the cold winter and the damage to the Ukrainian infrastructure and housing.
Ukraine used to celebrate Orthodox Christmas Day on 7 January, but as a cultural shift away from Russia, Ukrainians are increasingly keen on celebrating Christmas in December.
Yevgeny Prigozhin, the rising strongman of Russia also known as Putin’s chef, is believed to have established the infamous Wagner Group.
In September, Ramzan Kadyrov announced that he might leave his position as President of the Chechen Republic—which has given rise to speculation that he may be interested in pursuing a
To reassure the public that the government cares for the soldiers in Ukraine and their families, Putin has met with a carefully selected group of mothers whose sons are fighting
Back in 2014, Merkel made it clear that while Europe should pursue a tough policy on Russia, it should also work on a diplomatic solution to end the hostilities. That
Russia has banned the spread of ‘propaganda’ on ’non-traditional’ sexual orientations and gender identities to all age groups (adult or minor) online, in advertisements, films or in public.