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Hungarian State Secretary: ‘Hungary Will Continue to Support Ukraine’ by Dávid Nagy

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Hungarian State Secretary: ‘Hungary Will Continue to Support Ukraine’

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During his multi-day visit in Ukraine, Hungarian State Secretary Levente Magyar reaffirmed the continuation of Hungary’s help for the war-battered country and its Hungarian minorities living in Transcarpathia. Mr. Magyar’s visit to post-invasion Ukraine follows those by Minister of Foreign Affairs Szijjártó, Chief of the Hungarian Defence Staff Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi and most recently, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy.

Hungary will continue to provide support to Ukraine

Hungary will continue to provide humanitarian, social and economic support to Ukraine and Transcarpathia within it, Levente Magyar, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said during a meeting with the Governor of Transcarpathia in Uzhhorod.

‘Transcarpathia and Ukraine will not be left without help, Hungary will do everything in its capacity, to the extent of its economic strength, to reduce the suffering of the Ukrainian people,’ Mr. Magyar emphasized.

The parties reviewed Hungary’s aid policy regarding Transcarpathia. Expressing his gratitude to Hungary for its assistance, Governor Viktor Mikita highlighted the continuous and well-organised support of the Hungarian Ecumenical Charity, which has helped 250 institutions in Transcarpathia alone to receive and care for displaced persons within the country.

Substantial preparations have also begun for the shipments of grain stuck in Ukraine to restart. ‘We are freeing capacities to allow Ukrainian grain accumulated here to leave Ukraine for Hungary, and reach the world markets,’ Mr. Magyar said. To be able to do that, Hungary will have to implement significant development projects within a short period of time, the schedule of which will be coordinated with the leaders of Transcarpathia, he added.

‘These efforts may result in Hungary becoming one of the most important corridors for Ukrainian grain to the world,’ Levente Magyar highlighted.

The State Secretary offered Hungary’s help in hosting wounded Ukrainian soldiers and children

The next stop of his visit was in the Western-Ukrainian city of Lviv, where the State Secretary offered Hungary’s help in hosting wounded Ukrainian soldiers and children. Although displaced Ukrainian youngsters hosted in Hungary already have free access to the Hungarian education system, Budapest would also provide 1,000 scholarships for university students who had to suspend their studies because of the war.

The State Secretary also added that Hungary is ready to extend the humanitarian aid programme to the Western Ukraine region. During the implementation of the programme, the Hungarian government would rely on the assistance of the Hungarian Ecumenical Charity which already has an office in Lviv and could play an instrumental role in managing future aid efforts.

During his talks in Kyiv, Levente Magyar and his Ukrainian counterparts discussed the concrete steps of the assistance Hungary will offer to the war-torn country. After visiting the sites in the Ukrainian capital and its surroundings where the Russian attacks caused the most severe destruction, Mr. Magyar announced the construction of a new school building in Kyiv, and of a small hospital with a post office in the outskirts of Bucha. Mr. Magyar stressed that these projects are ‘a symbol of Hungary’s sympathy for and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.’ The State Secretary highlighted that Hungary has thus become the first country in the world to turn words into deeds regarding the rebuilding of the country, ‘which sends the unequivocal message that we stand with Ukraine.’

Dávid Nagy, political analyst