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While most EU member states have higher levels of gas stored, Hungary does better than the majority in terms of its annual gas consumption compared to the amount of gas
During his visit to Ukraine, Hungarian State Secretary Levente Magyar reaffirmed Hungary’s support for the war-battered country and its Hungarian minorities living in Transcarpathia.
Ukrainian Jewish community leader Rabbi Mayer Tzvi Stambler has sent a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressing his gratitude for Hungary’s help in hosting Ukrainian Jewish refugees
Regarding the war in Hungary’s neighbourhood, Hungary’s Minister of Defence reiterated that the country’s position has been clear from the beginning: to stay out of the war and pursue Hungary’s
Hungary’s defence capability has grown significantly, which is essential not only for self-defence and deterrence purposes but also for the country to remain an influential contributor to regional, European and
A comprehensive study conducted by the European Jewish Association (EJA) in cooperation with the British Institute of Jewish Policy Research found that Italy and Hungary are the friendliest countries to
Although the Visegrád Four may be facing one of the most severe disruptions of its history, it is too early to discount it as a “collateral victim of the war,”
England’s national football team performed the ‘BLM knee’ prior the game which was poorly received again and booed by the children as well prompting the concern about Hungarian children in
‘National identity is not something that’s threatening, it’s something that should be celebrated.’
Hungarian conservatism promotes the idea that every country should accept the social, cultural, and political differences of other nations, respect their particular values and acknowledge that the actions of any